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This project was shot on 35mm film in the Turkish city of Adana in the first half of 2022. A city which has now been devastated by the recent earthquakes in the area. The project was produced over two trips to Adana to visit my partner who was there for medical treatment. The city itself is situated closer to the border of Syria than Istanbul and not necessarily a tourist destination. My partners father acted as a tour guide between medical appointments showing us areas of the city off the beaten track and seldom seen by people in the west. All that remain of many of the buildings within these images is simply rubble. While thankfully members of my partners family are alive they have been permanently displaced due to the damage done to their former homes. The lives of the individuals who bring life to these images has been irreconcilably altered. A project that begun as a documentation of my first visit to meet my partners family has now become both a tribute and a testament to a city and its people. 

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